Want to join me on my Journey to Health?

We are all just walking each other home.” ~ Baba Ram Dass

You may be asking yourself why I am choosing to document my journey to health. Why would I expose such an intimate part of myself? My journey hasn’t been easy, but it has made me realize that healthcare if more than just health + care. Each of us deserves to be a whole person. Not one of us is whole if we have conditions that hold us back, preventing us from contentment. You’ll notice I didn’t say the key word you were expecting here. Happy. It’s not I don’t want to be happy, I just feel it’s subjective. My “Happy” and your “Happy” are two totally different animals. My journey has led me to Gaucher’s (pronounced Go-Shay) Disease with secondary Parkinson’s Disease.

Why do I do this?

  • Because we all should strive to feed each part of ourselves, using all five senses as a construct.
  • Because there are many like me, but not enough valid research
  • Because I’m choosing to follow my own heart and treat myself holistically, including Western medicine and alternative medicine, with the heavy on alternative (kind of crazy alternative medicine is the term for natural, huh?)

For most people who know me, personally, I’ve been documenting my journey for a while already, and there have been parts that were horrible to witness. However, if I’m not talking about my true story, no one else will have the courage to do so either. It is my belief that we have held ourselves back from our true “self” to make others feel comfortable. That’s kind of backwards. Why am I changing me to make you comfortable?

I write about this so others know that it’s okay to talk to others about your struggles, health wise or not. It’s okay to show others how frustrated you are with your body, your self-image, your loss of sense of self. It’s okay to talk about knowing that one day your mind is going to turn on you, even if it’s your greatest asset.

Lastly, I write about this because Cannabis is a plant put on this earthly plane for us to heal, in more ways than one. For the purpose of this post, I’ll just leave it there. I know that I can manage my neurological symptoms with one plant. No opioids, no other lab-created neuro drugs. I will treat my whole self with the whole plant. I have discovered it’s more than just ingesting something. The cultivation of cannabis (hemp is what I’m licensed for for all of you out there just itching to call me out; it’s not the scientific name and I’m in school) is wonderful in working out PTSD, which the entire country now has. You don’t even have to smoke it or eat it, the entire process is what heals you. Building the soil, getting it just right, cultivating the right environment, watching her grow. That’s where the True Healing lies.

At the end of this journey called life, I want to have said that the last hundred years of my life were the best I have ever lived because I chose to give that gift to myself. I’m not sad that I have neurological condition. You shouldn’t be either. I know I can heal myself. I know that growing my own medicine is the key and I am going to follow that bliss until I can’t any longer.

Do you think you can hang with me?