Difficult Relationships

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When someone says the phrase ‘Difficult Relationship’ what does you think of? Are you like me in that you automatically assume that it’s a relationship between two people? Maybe it’s because I’m slowing down that I am becoming more mindful than I ever have before. Maybe it’s because I have a thing going on in my brain and my ego wants to remind me on the regular that I have to beat the clock. I don’t know what made me have another lightbulb moment in regards to relationships, but here I am.

I can have a difficult relationship with food. Or alcohol. Or bad relationships. Or sex. Or sugar. Does that make you uncomfortable? If it does, maybe that’s where the problem really starts? At some point in all of our lives, we have had moments where we have had a bad relationship with SOMETHING or someone. It’s the somethings we don’t talk about. I can sit and have a conversation with you for an hour about how Bob down the street is still with that woman who beats the crap out of him. Somehow, one of us will make it one or both of their faults. A lot of times, we would be having this conversation over a bottle of wine.

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Sometimes that bad relationship is with alcohol, or sugar. So, let’s think about that for a moment. Not too long ago, someone told me that I couldn’t heal in the very same place where I was wounded. I watched someone I love have a hard time with alcohol. Let me rephrase that. I watched someone I love have a bad and difficult relationship with alcohol. I stood by and tried to support this person in the background with navigating that difficult relationship by not participating in it. However, I witnessed something that I had never noticed before. While I was trying to help another offer and lend support to navigating this unhealthy relationship with alcohol (we love the same person), I watched from the sidelines an environment that didn’t welcome and accept healthy decisions. Not very supportive, if you ask me.

How many times have you not included someone in your social circle because they have a difficult relationship with alcohol? Allow me to re-phrase it. How many times have you included someone in your social event and then didn’t include them because you were going to have alcohol and they had a terrible relationship with it? I am guilty of doing this in the past. It was so much easier to just not include him/her because I didn’t want to feel guilty for drinking. What does that say about me? It says that I’m sitting too close to my ego to be able to include someone “who doesn’t drink alcohol, because that’s just weird!” How can we support people we love who have had difficult relationships?

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For my friends having difficulties with alcohol, I might offer some new alcohol free concoctions. I have seen some offered at a couple of venues recently and they are actually refreshing and delicious. Since I’m cannabis friendly, I may offer a hemp roll, from a farm I know and trust. Hemp rolls offer a THC friendly way to creatively lessen anxiety, while also allowing inclusiveness. I’ve spoken to my friends and loved ones who have made it through recovery, and most say that it’s hard to feel included in social atmospheres because alcohol is so prevalent. Maybe for your next gathering you can find some great alternative drink recipes with a side of hemp rolls.

I can vouch for Endoca Hemp. I tried Endoca’s hemp oil and it was delicious. It didn’t have the harshness I was expecting. I was actually surprised at how smooth it was. I was concerned that it would trigger an urge for a cigarette, but surprisingly, that didn’t happen. After about ten minutes, I realized that my overactive mind slowed to a nice steady pace and allowed me to get some tasks done. I consider this an “achievement unlocked.” With my sort of neurological issues going on, it can be quite the circus for an overly active mind.

Have you offered hemp rolls at your dinner party as an alternative? What about a great source for CBD bitters or other alternatives to alcohol refreshments? I’d love to hear more from you.

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