Let’s Start with the Basics

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While realizing that returning to health needs to be an inside out sort of job, I didn’t realize that it would make sense to make it quite literal, too. We all have skin. Our skin, also known as the integumentary system, is the first line of defense against infections. We take it for granted all the time. I was young and silly once. I made the mistake one time, it’s all it took, of laying out with nothing but baby oil on. Me. The whitest white girl on the planet. How stupid was that? I remember getting physically sick over it. Wonder why? Maybe it was the sun poisoning? But, I digress.

Our skin does protect us from a lot of things. A big job for it is management of antioxidants (medical people please feel free to correct me if I am wrong). Antioxidants are like oranges, they give you a vitamin boost, which sends out little soldiers to monitor your body for cancer causing agents. In normal function, those soldiers destroy the secret agents who escape the threshold (skin). If we don’t take care of it, we don’t have many soldiers to protect our barriers, so to speak. Up to now, we didn’t realize we should be more mindful of what it is we are putting on our skin. Now we know that what we put on our bodies, ultimately affects our water tables, lakes, and oceans. We have to be more mindful now that we are armed with new knowledge. Nothing wrong with learning, we adapt and overcome.

Endoca CBD Body Butter

The point to all of this is, I am being more mindful of the substances I put on my body. Petroleum? No, thank you. Additives, preservatives? I’ll pass. I realized I have to be just as mindful of what I’m feeding my skin as I am about what it is I’m ingesting. What I put on my skin affects my insides, quite literally. There are a lot of chemical changes that take place from the top of my skin all the way to my organs. Yes, think about it. If I put cocoa butter on my skin, what’s the ultimate goal? To hydrate it, right? In order to do that an action has to occur, a chemical reaction (there’s that science stuff again). So, what happens to the substance when it enters my bloodstream? Welcome to Kim’s Brain 101, folks!

Keeping in mind how I operate, I’m pro-cannabis and I believe in it. It’s a multi-faceted plant. In my research, I wanted to find farmers who believe this plant is a way to heal in more ways than one. I wanted to start simple, with a salve. I found what I was looking for from Endoca. Henry Vincenty started out studying and implementing medical care to patients. His vision aligned with mine soon after I stopped working in EMS and grew tired of the growing number of prescriptions I was accumulating from PTSD. It starts with nutrition and figuring out where we are may be experiencing a deficit. A wholistic approach is what matters when dealing with diseases.

Endoca was the first company to sell CBD online. They are the first company I ever purchased from over five years ago. It was their philosophy that started my journey. I reached out via email and got an answer, and a lifeline during a difficult time of insomnia. I prefer my CBD oils to be natural, so I have not purchased any flavored. I am now reaching the point that I am eager to try the extracts. Endoca was started on the premise of truly helping others. Their CBD salves are heavenly, their CBD oils taste delicious (I like earthy tastes). I started out with the 30ML CBD oil. It was a good starting point. It took me about two weeks to titrate to even dosing. I know that the ingredients are homemade, with compassion. Energy is energy, after all. (I’m the kind of person who won’t eat your food if I know you have been cooking my food with hate)

For any of you that may be reading this and you work in public safety, this is a great way to try natural THC free hemp products (skin doesn’t allow formation of THC). I’m just saying, it’s like the lotion I was taught to make to help alleviate that dry cracked skin/lips feeling in the winter. Let me know if I can point you in the right direction.

What is your favorite cannabis preparation? I’d love to hear your thoughts or questions.

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