How much is your life worth?

Something has really been rubbing me wrong for a while. It comes and goes at certain times, depending on what’s going on around me, of course. Hell, maybe it’s the helicopter bill that’s hanging over my and my husband’s heads because yet again the healthcare website failed to update something, we were cut off from health insurance. Again. Filed an appeal. Again. Nope, none for you thanks. We don’t care if you pay six months back or even a year in advance. Have a great day. Next. Then we just toss it with all the other hospital bills.

I’ve been trying my very best to become more zen like, so consider this my last hoorah into venting about a broken system. I’ll repeat my story, again, since so many of us are one click away from being in mine and my husband’s shoes. We lost every single bit of our life, again and again, because we didn’t have health insurance. We were homeless for a long time, shuffled from hotel to hotel, worked to pay the hotel bill all so we could keep what little we had managed to hold on to. I met many like us. Nodding their heads, husbands having strokes, children becoming terminally ill, single parents and even young parents just trying to make ends meet. Until one day, something happens to one of them and suddenly, your insurance is cut off. Then you have a hard time finding insurance. Then you literally have to make a choice between paying for life-sustaining, prescription drugs that cost over $800. You need machines to help you sleep to keep you alive, or breathing treatments.

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At what point did we all agree and decide that this was a good idea? Where did we go so wrong that we think people’s LIFE CHOICES should determine their adequacy for a healthy life? We sell food that’s bad for you cheaper than healthy food. You want apples? Sorry, that’s out of budget, here’s some soda, pasta, frozen pizza, and some generic canned spaghetti shapes to get you through the week. But, yet, someone decided “they” deserved the way they were living, so cut their foodstamps off. They don’t deserve it. They chose to have a sick child/husband/parent. Does that even make any logical sense whatsoever to any of you?

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We have come to a point in society that we look down upon others because how can they possibly be telling the truth? All of us need improvement in this area. Families are falling apart at the seams because we have been under some sort of darkness for so long that we forgot how to care for one another, and actually love one another. Choosing your loved ones life over paying your astronomical rent (a whole other issue) should never be a choice one has to make. Do you know how many times I would tear up over losing someone in the back of an ambulance all because they couldn’t afford their medication? Yes, sometimes, it really does come down to paying for another month’s supply and paying for half of your groceries in the same time frame. Just because it doesn’t happen to you, doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

Thank you for your patience with me while I vented a little. I’m still human and it’s still a moral and ethical issue our country needs to make. So many of us spend so much money on treatments to prolong our youth, yet we think some form of socialized healthcare is ridiculous. That’s just a bit out of alignment, wouldn’t you say? My husband and I saved him six times. How many will it take for you?

In money, how much is your life worth to you?