The Scientific Spiritualist. What?

***Edited to acknowledge that the commentary regarding the dolphins and swans was found to be untrue. Leaving it for context, as I believe it’s still a gift, the people responsible for the story were trying to give a gift of hope. Thank you for your compassion. I forgive you.

Thank you for your patience with me while I explore the thread that’s been tingling at my brain over the past, I don’t know, couple of weeks. I saw a few noteworthy articles today, that mentioned the positive changes our Mother Earth is already receiving from this pandemic we are currently experiencing. (As a side note, no matter where you fall with the term pandemic, we are feeling the effects of one. Let’s not wax semantics here, okay?).

The canals in Venice are running clear and the dolphins and swans are rewarding us by showing up. Letting us see them. Letting us revel in their very presence. No matter how you look at it, that’s a lesson we are learning, while also being given a gift by a very benevolent source of Love. Within weeks of the appearance of the pandemic in China, there’s already been a measurable difference in pollution levels. All of these signs tell me that we have picked a great time to be alive. We are being given a gift that balances our duality. Bear with me while I attempt to explain where I’m coming from.

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Scientifically, yes we can do better for our environment. We are evolving as a species. We have learned from our past. We know, NOW, that talcum powder isn’t the best thing to use for our offspring or our environment. The coatings we have been using to cook our foods…well, those haven’t been the best for our insides have they? There’s been too much research proving the damage these things have done to us. This includes the plastics we have been using, which are formulated by what? (I’ll leave that for you to do some homework with) As a hint, it’s used every single day. Does this make the people who created the companies bad? No. Does it make the scientists who created the science who created the products bad? No. We don’t know what we don’t know that we don’t know. How’s that for a conundrum? So, now we have to improve upon the ideas that we have been using up to this point. There is nothing wrong with a new way to make the wheel.

Spiritually, well, we certainly have gotten lost, haven’t we? We have all been wandering around speaking about all the things wrong with the world, with our friends, neighbors, family members. None of us reach out to help like we should. We like to blame it on it “being someone else’s job.” Sound familiar? Well, look at us now? The ENTIRE world is being brought to a standstill and we are all being forced into our little spaces, all of our toys have been taken away, or will be soon if we don’t wake up. Not one of us has the excuse that we can’t spend more time with our dogs/cats/birds/kids/parents/spouses, you get the idea. We can’t use the excuse that “I don’t have any paid time off.” This includes the boss’ boss, Y’all. Are you getting the message? We are all being given the chance to start over, literally. Get our priorities straight.

Now here’s the part where I might lose you, if I haven’t already. From a scientifically spiritual standpoint, I believe that our Mother Earth has shifted physically and in orbit. We have a second moon, that I’ve recently caught onto, but it seems it’s been in our orbit for a couple of years now. (Again, homework for you). Apparently, it’s thought that it’s going to move out, but I don’t believe it will. No matter what you tell me, we are affected by the moon. (Use my vocational background as reference here) I can only imagine how weird and off some of us have been feeling over the past few years since it arrived. I digress, again. Following my train of thought, our earth has been having explosions of energy for a while now. Think tsunamis, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, tornados, hurricanes here. All larger than normal, right? What does that tell you? That tells me that the earth’s core is rising in energy (heat). We are magnetically dependent on our earth. Following that logic, what should we be doing?

Please note, that I’m okay with being different. Are you? 🙂