Dance with the Ego

How’s it going? Kind of weird, isn’t it? Like something from a novel or movie. Raise your hand if during this process it has dawned on you that for some of us, this is not just a physical upgrade? Some of you are realizing that you may have found your purpose in life. If you are like me, you have realized that all of the trials, tribulations, and general fuckery of the last decade have a purpose.

You see, all of the aforementioned was to prepare us and activate others who haven’t experienced the level of battle we have been through. It’s evident in the cognitive dissonance you may be recognizing for the first time. You may be asking your Self, as David Byrnes once sung, “Well, how did I get here?” I had a moment like that not too long ago. Where I had to look around me and check in mentally. It’s like there has been some heavy blackout curtain surrounding me and I’ve finally stepped into the sunlight. I understand that my physical isolation, in losing all of the things of my life, prepared me for this day, when others are on the precipice of experiencing the same thing. This serves as a reminder to check in with my human-ness and motivations.

Dance with the Ego - Sometimes you are as proud as a peacock, huh?  About that.

Initially, my ego was like, “Yes, NOW!!! Now the people who looked upon me with scorn and embarrassment will understand what it feels like.” But, is that really, really what I want to happen? My ego says, “YES!!! Let them burn!!!” If I reach deep down to the core of my Self, the answer is a resounding, “No.” This doesn’t make me better than anyone. It’s hard. I shed a lot of tears at feeling abandoned during one of the worst times of my life. Not even pretty tears, the kind that leave your heart and face disfigured and red, then you can’t breathe properly for two days, AT LEAST. That kind. You wonder what kind of person you are because people just flat out abandon you and you wallow in the victimhood of it. Gosh, that ego likes to take control, doesn’t it? While wallowing in victim-hood, I neglected to see it was because I wasn’t getting the proper message.

It’s not about who’s experienced the most hurt. Some of us experience a more difficult path because we are being challenged to pave the way for the lost that are coming across our path. It’s our job to console them and show them that we made it through, they can, too. That’s what the message is. The message is most always in the mailbox at the end of the driveway on Ego Street. It’s where it meets the highway to Universal Healing. You can’t get there until you traverse the edges of hell. If you find that you are still shrugging your shoulders and saying to your Self, “Well, remember that time I lost everything…,” there’s still work to be done. Realistically, as humans, we should naturally want to help others make it through these unfamiliar times. If we are all on the same wave of energy, we will get to our next destination with a lot less friction, you know?

We have to learn to forgive others. It doesn’t have to be in a religious sense (a label is assigned by you), it just has to be from a human sense. The realization will come that it isn’t because they purposely oppose you because they think you are crazy, or stupid, or whatever other derogatory term assigned to your way of thinking or seeing an issue. It’s because you have evolved further along the trail than they have. Your alienation was so others could have a helping hand to grab on to when the going got tough. Does this mean that you will be helping the same people that hurt you? Not at all. It’s hard to heal while remaining in the same place that cut you. Your being expelled from all that you knew and know is because your medicine is meant for those that need it. They will be looking for you, I promise you that. This entire ride right now isn’t just about a virus.

Take this as an opportunity to shed your skin and evolve. You have a job to do. If you need a moment to breathe and talk to someone, come join us at the Roots Meditation Group. I look forward to having you.

Much love and peace.