Find Your Light


When did we become believers that in order to be shown favor upon God, we had to eschew our natural inclinations? At what point did this become the norm for us?

I ponder this because I read or heard something very poignant recently. The discussion was surround the idea of sin in religion. Please forgive me while I ad lib here, but the general question and answer was: For the most part, parents do not intentionally and purposely set their children up for failure. Keeping that in mind, then why in the world would God do that to us?

The Temple of the Garden
Please stand by. Creation in progress.

That’s a pretty heavy question, right? It goes against everything most people get upset about, on all sides. It’s a touchy subject, this religion business. But, really, look at the question. Why is it we have programmed ourselves to react in a negative way for not following the formula set forth before us based on someone else’s vision? Would God not want you and me to follow our own paths to bliss? Yes. That’s the short answer to that. Yes, God/Self would want you to speak and live your truth. If my very words regarding religion and God cause you to vibrate a little towards a dark negative, know this: Your darkness is accepted, too. God accepts each and every one of us as we are.

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There are no mistakes in any of us. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I think many of us will find the most broken among us might be the ones consoling those who looked down upon you before. Again, I mention, it’s why our paths may have been so bumpy. There are those who are losing or will lose their belongings, much like many others have. That tendency to turn your back upon them like they did upon you may come across you very strongly. My advice to you is, I’ve learned to pause. With each reaction and experience I see someone else going through, I’ve learned to pause. My husband and I are just getting to a place of stable recovery, so I have a unique perspective of still having one foot inside the homeless shelter and one outside of it on firm ground. For all of the hippie go lucky that I speak, I would hate to portray that I’m perfect. I’m so far from it. I will say I’m a work in progress and I see it’s highlighted when I see others acting irrationally about their possessions and material things. It causes me to remember when, you know?

Learning a different kind of Abundance
COVID19 is teaching us abundance.

That’s what these moments are about. Remembering that pit in your stomach. Every. Single. Day. Having PTSD just over the phone calls from bill collectors and auto collectors and landlords. And. And. And. Those are the moments I’m speaking of. It’s so fresh that I do remember and I do know that I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone. Not one person. That’s no way to live. Not one of us deserves to live on the edge of your seat on a daily basis. We can all discuss and debate and lose more friends over how we all got here, but the bottom line is, we should be taking care of each other. That’s what we are being drawn to. We are all on an even keel right now. Some of us know how to live poor. Others don’t. You are seeing now the fear that takes hold of others when they think they the church (money) is on fire. When you sacrifice human-ness for financial gain, it’s time for the corruption to end.

Peace be with each one of you. May the Light Shine Upon You. 💗🙏🏻💗